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Light Pink Glitter and Matching earrings




This is a beautiful unique set of a Pink Glitter nail polish and small glitter earrings.

The listing is for 1 polish bottle and 1 pair of earrings.

Handmade with love! ❤️

The earrings are 6mm small studs that are in a high quality non tarnish nickel free stainless steel setting. It has a smooth finish.

The glitter polish is packed with light pink cosmetic grade glitter. It requires 1 to 2 coats to get full coverage!!! To get all the gorgeous sparkle out of it add one (1) to two (2) top coats.

Full size bottle 15ml.

All my polishes are 5 free (does not have the 5 most chemical ingredients you find in polishes) but still has excellent quality.

Here are some tips on application and removal:

When applying, put a clear base coat on the nail and then the glitter polish. This polish does not stain the nail as it is a quality product but base coats always helps to protect the nail better. Wait for each glitter polish coat to dry, before applying anything else to the nail (including a second coat of glitter polish). You will only need two (2) coats for full coverage. Apply 1 to 2 top coats and this glitter will pop beautifully.

Removing glitter polish can be challenging, but I have found this to be the simplest and least messy way:

Soak a small piece of cotton in regular polish remover. Place it on each nail and wrap it in foil let it sit for 1-2 minutes and it should come off easily.


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