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What we do

Bella Bosio, LLC is a small company, making amazing and beautiful glitter nail polish that’s not only high in quality (able to get full coverage in two coats – depending on application – and is long-lasting) but is also 5-Free. We are proud to be part of the ever expanding awareness that you don’t need the five most harmful chemical ingredients in your nail polish to have the nail polish be long-lasting and beautiful.

And we started off making 5-Free glitter polish and will stay that way.

It has been and always will be the priority to make and deliver high-quality products to anyone who buys Bella Bosio products. Which is why each and every product made and delivered is hand-crafted and inspected throughout the entire process before being handed over or delivered.

Bella Bosio is also involved in hand-crafted jewelry. We are always looking at ways of making more trinkets, jewelry, earrings, and other things of beauty and collectables.

Bella Bosio originally started off as a hobby, collecting nail polish, gel and others, from plain top coats to glitter and metalics. But it soon became apparent that there were not many high-quality polishes out there, especially 5-Free.

And who wants to spend time putting on a base coat, 4 – 6 coats of nail polish, with allowing them time to dry in between (yeah, right!) and THEN putting on a top coat?!

And that’s how it started.

So a lot of research was done. Lots of trial and error, and a LOT of nail polish was gone through. 

But it was worth it! Bella Bosio was formed and incorporated in July of 2015, to make it possible to get to you.

High-quality and long-lasting. Full nail coverage in about 2 coats. With a clear top coat, it magnifies the beauty and glitter. Without one, it is still beautiful and sparkly. Free of the five most chemical ingredients.

All made with Italian love.

Welcome to Bella Bosio!

The Team

Sheila Meyers

Sheila Meyers

Creator of all Polishes Beautiful

She’s Italian…

Phone: (132) 123.456.7890 Fax: (132) 123.456.7890 E-Mail: clickboutique@info.com

Ryan Meyers - Director

Ryan Meyers

Ryan Meyers


Ryan is the director of Bella Bosio.

E-Mail: bellabosio1@gmail.com