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An overview of how Bella Bosio Glitter Nail Polish is crafted:

All bottles are assembled individually by hand, and each bottle is filled by myself or my business partner, then labeled and readied for delivery or purchase:

First, the bottles are assembled by adding the ball bearings to the bottle, that help the nail polish mix whenever you shake it.
Then the brush itself is inspected to make sure it is not damaged and will allow proper polish application. This is then fixed into the cap, and the bottle is ready to be filled!

Once the bottles have been assembled, then the glitter polish itself is mixed with the right color, dye, glitter or combination of those (the quantities and exact receipt are secret…) 

Then each bottle is labeled with the Bella Bosio 5-Free label, the jewel is put on top of the bottle, the name of the color of polish is put on the bottom, and BAM! the bottle is ready for you!

  • Jade Coleman
    Super high quality polish with vivid colors that goes on nice and smoothly with great coverage! That way you don’t have to do a bunch of coats.
    Jade Coleman
  • Sarah Hollingsworth
    Every item is very high quality, not once have I been disappointed. I can’t help but grow my collection!
    Sarah Hollingsworth | Happy Customer
  • Beth
    I love love LOVE this beautiful product!  The polish goes on in two coats and dries rather fast, and that’s what I need!
    Beth | Happy Customer | Mother of two

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